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I am a doctoral candidate, visiting researcher at the London School of Economics, and a combat veteran (Afghanistan, Gulf of Aden). My research is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. I use sociological and historical approaches to understand the relations between war, state, and society with a specific focus on the neglected importance of war for understanding social practices. My work has been published in the European Journal of International Relations and the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies. I also am deputy editor for the journal Millennium.


International Security

The study of threats across and through borders;

Critical Security Studies

The study of threats beyond military or physical ones using a diverse methodological toolkit;

Historical Sociology

The study of change in societies over time; and

Methodological Eclecticism

The use of varied methodological traditions in a complimentary instead of opposite manner.

Research Interests


2017 - Present

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

PhD Candidate in International Relations

2014 - 2016

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Master in Art in Public and International Affairs

2009 - 2013

University of Ottawa

B.A. with Honours in Conflict Studies and Human Rights with minor in Political Science

Research philosophy
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